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Rumen Stefanov

Dr. Rumen Stefanov is a professor in public health and Dean of the Faculty of public health at the Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria). He is also the chairperson of the Bulgarian Association for Promotion of Education and Science (BAPES), a non-profit organization, which is a major rare diseases forerunner in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Rumen Stefanov received an MD and a PhD in public health from the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He completed specializations in public health, epidemiology and clinical trials on small populations. Dr. Stefanov is a participant in several EU funded projects (Orphanet, EUROPLAN, BURQOL-RD, EPIRARE, Rare Diseases Best Practices). Dr. Stefanov is member of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC). He is an active member of the Task Force on Rare Diseases (2004-2009), reviewer (DG ISM, Italian MoH, etc.), board member of the Central & Eastern European Genetic Network and board member of the ICORD society. Dr. Rumen Stefanov was a member of the drafting group of the EU Communication for rare diseases (COM/2008/679) and chair of the drafting group of the National Program on Rare Disease at the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria. Dr. Stefanov is recognized at national and European level in the rare diseases policy’s field, being a TAIEX (EU) programme expert for rare diseases and MoH designated national representative for the upcoming EUROPLAN joint action.

Dr. Stefanov has successfully launched several pilot projects on rare diseases in Eastern Europe – the Information Centre for Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (2004), the annual Eastern European Conferences for Rare Diseases (2005), the "RareDis" Medical Center

(2009), the "Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs" online newsletter (2010). Since 2013 all these projects have been consolidated under the framework of the newly founded Institute for Rare Diseases.

Rumen Stefanov is a vocal advocate of regional and international collaboration in rare diseases field. He has supported many rare disease initiatives in Russia, Romania, Turkey and other countries in the region.

Prof. Stefanov is fluent in Bulgarian (native), English, Italian and Russian languages.


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