RARE-Bestpractices and E-RARE collaboration

E-Rare, Horizon 2020 ERA-Net Cofund (2014-2019), is a consortium bringing together responsible funding organisations and ministries to provide an international model platform for implementing Joint Transnational Calls on rare diseases. RARE-BEstpractices and E-RARE have signed a statement of collaboration 22 November 2016.

RARE-Bestpractices and E-Rare have agreed to collaborate towards the shared goal of promoting and advancing knowledge on rare diseases.

The collaboration between RARE-Bestpractices and E-Rare involves:  

  •  the utilisation of the RARE-Bestpractices research recommendation database "RAREGAP" for the E-RARE open calls when appropriate
  •  the recognition of each other on the respective web sites
  •  the dissemination of news of each other’s events and activities
  •  the contribution to workshops, meetings, symposia of each other when appropriate
  •  the identification of further areas of interaction

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